PCB Design

We have in-house software and expertise to draw up the schematic diagrams and design the pcb around the style and form required by the customer.

With our many years of experience in pcb design together with our manufacturing experience we can design a circuit board which is not only functional and appealing but also rugged and simple to manufacture.

We can design from the simple single layer through aluminium clad pcbs to full multi-layer depending on the complexity and requirement of the individual design.

As we perform the software in-house we have the ability to check the design with software engineers and this often allows us to modify the initial schematics to a form much easier to route, using less layers which reduces prototype and manufacturing costs.

We have a subcontractor we use to make the bare pcb’s who we have been dealing with for many years to can produced fast reliable prototype board.



Vaughan Industries Ltd

Vaughan Industries Limited provide a complete bespoke turnkey electronic design and manufacturing solution

We can work from an initial idea, through design, schematics, PCB layout, software, prototypes and testing to a finalised product and can fully manufacture for the client as well.