Feasibility Study

A Feasibility study is a paid for research period to investigate a new idea or design for the client.

This enables us to work on your idea, and see if it is possible. Aspects of the feasibility study include looking at the science of the product, seeing if the technology is available, and if the project is feasible within the clients budget.

We start by sourcing and pricing components and suppliers, this will provide us with end costs for production and manufacture. Designs are formulated and discussed in house. From this, a prototype can be made. We find that a visual, physical model of the product is a useful tool in helping the visualisation process.

When the study is complete, we will draft a report for the clients perusal. If there are changes or amendments, we will incorporate them at this stage. We are proud that Vaughan Industries offers a complete turnkey solution to our clients if this is what they require. From the simplest sketch on a scrap of paper to the completed, fully functioning product, you can be confident that your dreams can be turned into a reality. Unless it’s a full manufacture of Thunderbird 2.



Vaughan Industries Ltd

Vaughan Industries Limited provide a complete bespoke turnkey electronic design and manufacturing solution

We can work from an initial idea, through design, schematics, PCB layout, software, prototypes and testing to a finalised product and can fully manufacture for the client as well.