Vaughan Industries Limited was founded 22/11/ 1990 by two brothers, Mark and Simon Vaughan.

After studying electronics, communications and computers at University and gaining their degrees, they decided to create an innovative and fresh new company that would utilise their unique skills to the best advantage. The company went from strength to strength and recently celebrated 25 years of continual business in May 2016. Vaughan Industries limited now boasts a small but dedicated and talented team of individuals who ensure that the company functions at its optimum best.

Our focus has always been the requirements of the customer and the quality of our products. Here at Vaughan Industries we are constantly evolving, improving and making sure that the customer is paramount.

The business is run by Mark Vaughan the Managing Director and Simon Vaughan, the Company Director. Both brothers have an eye for design and innovative ideas. They ensure that Vaughan Industries stays current and fresh in an ever changing technological world

As a family run business, we are extremely focused on our customers and we make it our mission to be as accommodating as possible to our staff and our customers. We believe that this kind of environment is beneficial for all concerned.



Vaughan Industries Ltd

Vaughan Industries Limited provide a complete bespoke turnkey electronic design and manufacturing solution

We can work from an initial idea, through design, schematics, PCB layout, software, prototypes and testing to a finalised product and can fully manufacture for the client as well.